Item Number Dolls -> Custom Dawn -> Dawn Embroidery
691 Angie Angie
1344 Angie in purple mini Angie in purple mini
1345 Angie in red mini Angie in red mini
716 Angie in Red mini design Angie in Red mini
1346 Connie in Maxi Mod Connie in Maxi Mod
604 Dale embroidery design Dale embroidery
1336 Dale in original mini Dale in original mini
1350 Daphne in Green Slink Daphne in Green Slink
690 Dawn Design Dawn
667 Dawn in Gala Go Go embroidery design Dawn Gala
576 Dawn in Gala Go Go Metallic embroidery design Dawn Gala with metallic thread
1339 Dawn in original mini Dawn in original mini
715 Dawn in original mini design Dawn in original mini
669 Dawn in variation red embroidery Dawn
590 Dawn logo Dawn Logo
1349 Denise in Gala Go Go Denise in Gala Go Go
1334 Dinah Dinah
1340 Gary Gary
692 Glori Design Glori
1341 Glori in Green Fling Glori in Green Fling
662 Glori in Green Fling embroidery design Glori in full Green Fling mini
672 Glori with Ponytail embroidery design Ponytail Glori
1343 Glori--ponytail in original mini Glori--ponytail in original mini
1335 Head To Toe Angie Head To Toe Angie
1338 HTT Dawn HTT Dawn
1337 HTT Longlocks HTT Longlocks
581 Jessica embroidery design Jessica in Lime mini
1342 Jessica in lime uniform Jessica in lime uniform
693 Longlocks Design Longlocks


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