Starr Site Information: This site is for picture and detailed reference on JPI Starr dolls produced in the 1990's, and other 6.5" dolls.
Clothing is interchangeable with Topper Dawn dolls produced in the early 1970's. The high heels produced for Starr fit but do not like to stay on. Some of the fashions have removable skirts to make a total new look for the doll. Their arms have a ball-like socket, making rotation & upward movements more realistic & fun for play. Their bodies are also interchangeable with Topper Dawn dolls, although the Starr line has different skin color tones for each doll. Their legs have a tendency to look bowlegged & have a back & forth movement. Knees can be bent & positioned. Hair can become quickly matted & tangled if played with. A fun series of dolls with painted facial features, but she could not compete with the Barbie line resulting in being discountinued.
Dolls are NOT FOR SALE & are in private collections. This site is for reference only.


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