Item Number Dolls -> Dawn & Starr--Custom Clothes by KAT -> Seasonal 2012
4987 Large Blue Daisy Dress Large Blue Daisy Dress
4782 Pink Stripe Daisies Dress Pink Stripe Daisies Dress
5055 Sky Blue Daisy Dress Sky Blue Daisy Dress
5050 Spring Lavender Daisy Dress Spring Lavender Daisy Dress
5032 Stripes Gown  Stripes Gown
5250 Autumn Fishtail Gown Autumn Fishtail Gown
5252 Autumn Leaves ballgown Autumn Glitter Leaves Ballgown
5264 Autumn Sheer Leaves Overskirt Ballgown Autumn Sheer Leaves Overskirt Ballgown
5233 Autumn Stripes Dress Autumn Stripes Dress
5248 Autumn Stripes Gown Autumn Stripes Gown (Dawn)
5249 Autumn Stripes Halter Gown Autumn Stripes Halter Gown
5242 Autumn Stripes Jumper Autumn Stripes Jumper
5237 Autumn Stripes Twirl Mini Autumn Stripes Twirl Mini
5254 Autumn Turkey Ballgown Autumn Turkey Ballgown
5253 Autumn Turkey Dress Autumn Turkey Dress
5251 Autumn Turkey Fishtail Gown Autumn Turkey Fishtail Gown
5255 Autumn Turkey Tulle Ballgown Autumn Turkey Tulle Ballgown
5043 Blue Daisy Dress Blue Daisy Dress
4963 Bunnies Dress Bunnies Dress
5052 Crazy Daisies Gown Crazy Daisies Gown
5051 Dragonflies Gown Dragonflies Gown
5059 Dragonflies Gown (Glori) Dragonflies Gown (Glori)
4997 Heart Flowers Dress Heart Flowers Dress
4982 Hearts Ballgown Hearts Ballgown
4795 Hearts Sweetheart Twirl Hearts Sweetheart Twirl
5001 Hearts Twirl Hearts Twirl
5049 Large Pink Daisy Tulle Gown Large Pink Daisy Tulle Gown
5042 Lucky Clover Dress Lucky Clovers Dress
5060 Lucky Clover Gown Lucky Clover Gown
5047 Spring Dragonfly & Flowers Dress Spring Dragonfly & Flowers Dress
5040 Spring Dresses  Spring Dresses
5046 Spring Flowers Dress Spring Flowers Dress
5045 Spring Heart Flowers Dress Spring Heart Flowers Dress
5041 Spring Stripes dress Spring Stripes with puple lame bodice
4996 Yellow Daisy Dress Yellow Daisy Dress


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