Item Number Dolls -> Dawn & Starr--Custom Clothes by KAT -> Ballgowns Part 3
5004 Blue Tulle Ballgown Blue Tulle Ballgown
5005 Blue Tulle Halter Ballgown Blue Tulle Halter Ballgown
5014 Emerald Glitter Ballgown Emerald Glitter Ballgown
5015 Emerald Glitter Halter Ballgown (LL) Emerald Glitter Halter Ballgown (LL)
4626 Light Pink ballgown Light Pink ballgown
5007 Lime Zinger Ballgown Lime Zinger Ballgown
5006 Lime Zinger Halter Ballgown Lime Zinger Halter Ballgown
4999 Lovely Lavender ballgown Lovely Lavender ballgown
4994 Metallic Foil Dots ballgown Metallic Foil Dots ballgown
5003 Orange Glitter Ballgown Orange Glitter Ballgown
5035 Pink Diamond Ballgown Pink Diamond Ballgown
5034 Pink Diamond Ballgown Halter Pink Diamond Ballgown Halter
5010 Plum Sparkle Ballgown Plum Sparkle Ballgown
5011 Plum Sparkle Halter Ballgown Plum Sparkle Halter Ballgown
4992 RUBY NIGHTballgown RUBY NIGHTballgown with purse
5013 Seafoam Tulle Ballgown Seafoam Tulle Ballgown
5012 Seafoam Tulle Halter Ballgown Seafoam Tulle Halter Ballgown
5000 Sky Blue ballgowon Sky Blue ballgowon
4993 Sunshine Ballgown Sunshine Ballgown
4774 Sunshine halter top Ballgown Sunshine halter top Ballgown
5008 Topaz Glitter Ballgown Topaz Glitter Ballgown
5009 Topaz Glitter Halter Ballgown Topaz Glitter Halter Ballgown
5019 Turquoise Halter Ballgown Turquoise Halter Ballgown
5020 Turquoise Strapless Ballgown Turquoise Strapless Ballgown
5038 Veil Silver Dots Veil Silver Dots
5036 Veil Silver Glitter Veil Silver Glitter
5037 Veil White & Silver Veil White & Silver
5025 White & Gold Dots Ballgown Gold Dots Ballgown
5026 White & Gold Lace Ballgown Gold Lace Ballgown
5033 White & Prizm Lace Ballgown White & Prizm Lace Ballgown
5027 White & Silver Dots Ballgown Silver Dots Ballgown
5028 White & Silver Glitter Ballgown White & Silver Glitter Ballgown
5030 White & Silver Lace Ballgown White & Silver Lace Ballgown
5029 White & Silver Stars Ballgown White & Silver Stars Ballgown
5023 White Prizm Glitter Ballgown Prizm Glitter Ballgown
5024 White Prizm Lace Ballgown Prizm Lace Ballgown


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