Item Number Dolls -> Dawn & Starr--Custom Clothes by KAT -> Spring Formal 2013
5326 Cream Silver Gold Mini  Cream Silver Gold Mini
5610 Mesh Bows Couple Mesh Bows Couple
5598 Mesh Tiny Flowers Couple Mesh Tiny Flowers Couple
4643 3D Flowers Mauve White Couple   3D Flowers Mauve White Couple
3996 3D Flowers White Mauve Couple 3D Flowers White Mauve Couple
5551 Cream and Gold Glitter ballgown Cream and Gold Glitter ballgown
5353 Glitter & gold Ballgown Glitter Ballgown
5560 Glitter Hearts Couple Glitter Hearts Couple
5344 Glitter Mesh Couple Glitter Mesh Couple
5587 Mesh Bows Gown Mesh Bows Gown
5325 Mesh Glitter Hearts Gown Mesh Glitter Hearts Gown
5582 Mesh Tiny Flowers Gown Mesh Tiny Flowers Gown
5269 Mesh Tiny Hearts Couple Mesh Tiny Hearts Couple
5324 Mesh Tiny Hearts Gown Mesh Tiny Hearts Gown
5331 Mock Sequins Couple Mock Sequins Couple
5327 Mock Sequins Gown Rainbow Mock Sequins Gown
5343 Pink & White Flowers Gown Pink & White Flowers Gown
4165 Spring Formal Cream Gold Couple Spring Formal Cream Gold Coupl
5570 Tulle Lavendar Flowers ballgown  Tulle Lavendar Flowers
5345 White & Pink Flowers Ballgown  White & Pink Flowers Ballgown


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