Topper Dawn Doll Archive
Informational archive about the Dawn Doll Series produced by Topper Toys from 1969 -1973. Dolls are 6.5 inches tall with rooted hair and eyelashes. Beautiful and detailed handpainted faces. The boy dolls have molded hair and handpainted eyes. There are assorted head and body molds, giving each doll individual looks and personality. Boxed dolls will be fitted onto a clear 2 prong plastic stand, inserting into the soles of the doll's feet. Instruction sheets are placed in the back of the box. The girl dolls come with white panties. Included will be a stock outfit and shoes.
There are many variations in the Dawn doll line. Among the most difficult to find are the nonstandard issue boxed dolls and outfits. Topper declared bankruptcy in the Spring of 1973. Dolls and clothing were packaged according to what was left in inventory. For example: Dinah Model Agency in Pink Pussycat packaged in an Angie box. Sometimes mistakes were made--Dawn with Angie's hair, for example. Fabrics and leftover supplies were used in the European market. There are currently 3 different Maureen Somethin' Special gowns that I am aware of, each made a different style. Knockoff Diana dolls using Topper fabrics and even Topper Dawn line doll heads. The examples are almost endless.
All of these dolls are in private collections and NOT for sale.

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Manufacturing information:
Dawn dolls are known for the green knee defect. The mechanism in the knee would work only for a short period of time. Plus a reaction occured between the mechanism and the vinyl, turning the knees green. Topper tried to mask this problem by painting the legs. Not all dolls will have the paint. The dolls made in Japan are noted for the leaking hip syndrome. The glue will have leaked out, causing the hip joints to be stuck and adhering the clothes to the doll.
A played with doll with have certain characteristics: The legs will be swingy from sitting the dolls too often; The vinyl will have a grubby look to it from handling. Most of this dirt can be removed; Some Model Agency dolls will have turned green along the hairline; Some dolls even have blue noses. I am not sure what causes this; If the doll was left in the sun, the pigment in the vinyl will have faded; some dolls will have turned a sickly pale color in the face; If the lip paint is white, then the second coat of color is missing. Missing eyelashes and hairplugs; Kids liked to chew the doll's feet and ankles; Vinyl melt marks on the hard plastic torso from dolls laying against one another. "Mint" played with dolls will be as close to factory issue as possible without the above listed problems. Certain Head To Toe & Model Agency dolls will have "fat" legs, and the green knee syndrome does not show.

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