Cateogory: Water Gardening -> Planting Instructions
Name: MUD BOTTOM natural pond
Description: Many people have asked if these lilies can be planted in a natural mud bottom pond. Yes, they can, but I do advise that the plants will need to be protected from wildlife until they are firmly established/big enough for mud bottom planting. People do this by keeping the lilies in a smaller pond without wildlife until they reach colony size (several crowns/blooming size). Then they transplant them to either extra large containers or directly into the mud. Some folks will cover the container with chicken wire (lily will grow thru the holes in the chicken wire) to prevent the rhizomes from being dug up. Chicken wire cages going around the entire pot up the the water surface is another way to keep turtles & such away from the plants.

Another planting method is to rubberband a large plant division onto a rock or brick, then throw it into the pond in the area you want the plant to grow. You can also pack heavy clay around the roots to help promote growth.