Cateogory: Water Gardening -> Planting Instructions
Name: BOG plants
Description: BOG plants: minimum "gallon" size nursery pot with holes covered. Use either blooming formula or non-blooming formula tablet fertilizer depending on type of bog plant. Use heavy garden soil with no mulches. Mulches tend to float to the water surface, mucking up the water. Fill container 1/3 full of soil, add 2-3 fertilizer tablets, continue to fill with dirt, adding the root ball of the plant, accomodating the size. Make sure the growing "crown" of the plant is slightly above the soil. Firmly tamp the dirt around the roots, cover soil with gravel to help keep the fish out and the soil in. Label the plant. Set in water, with 2"-4" of water over crown of plant. Some bog plants prefer less water, just wet roots. Please view each plant's description for the best water depth. Make divisions when the plant(s) become rootbound. Fertilize per tablet instructions. See item descriptions for sun, partial shade, or shade.
Planting Instructions