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Description: Planting instructions for hardy lilies: most hardy lilies require a large pot for best growth. The best containers are plastic, and wider than deep. Heavy dish pans, new plastic oil pans, buckets, etc.. I do not recommend the open weave baskets unless you line them with weed block fabric. You can find all sorts of usable "pots" at stores like Dollar General or MacFrugal's for a good price. The best soil to use is heavy garden soil with clay and no mulches. Mulches tend to float to the surface and muck up the water. If you have a small cutting of a lily or a dwarf variety, a small container can be used. Add layer of fertilizer on the bottom of the pot if no holes. If there are holes, cover holes with newspaper, add about 1" of dirt, then add a layer of Osmocote 14-14-14 fertilizer. I prefer to plant my tubers that grow lengthwise in a corner with the growing tip facing the center. Fill the container with soil, covering the roots and tuber. The crown should be slightly above the dirt surface. Tamp the dirt and cover with gravel to help keep the fish out and soil in. Label the plant. Set the plant & pot in the water, with at least 3" of water over the crown for young plants. For more mature/bigger plants, lower the plant up to 24" water over the crown. Some varieties like deep water, some like more shallow water. Fertilize frequently during growing season if using tablets. If using Osmocote I find I only have to fertilize once a season when I first pot the lily. See plant descriptions for full sun or partial shade. Divide lily as the plant becomes rootbound.
Planting hardy lilies