Cateogory: Water Gardening -> Planting Instructions
Description: Tropical lilies grow in a bulb style. New bulbs will grow from the mature bulb. One way to tell if there are new bulbs is that you will see a new plant crown next to the original crown. The other way is to repot the lily. Gently separate the bulbs with your fingers, repot, and enjoy. Small bulbs should be planted in small containers until they are more established. Then transfer them to bigger pots. VIVIPAROUS tropicals will grow "fuzzies" in the center of mature leaves. The fuzzy will then develop into a tiny plantlet. Remove the plantlet as the leaf decays. Either leave the plantlet in the bottom of the pond so it can grow some more, or plant it in a very small pot. I use hairpins to hold the plantlet down in the soil until established. Transfer to a bigger pot as the plantlet grows. Be sure to label the pots.
Dividing Tropical lilies