Cateogory: Water Gardening -> Planting Instructions
Description: Lotus will grow from an orangish/white colored hard tuber with "tips". The tips will then grow into runners with sections. Each section will produce a leaf and roots. From my experience, you cannot grow a successful lotus from the runners. You must have the orange tuber, also. Lotus require lots of growing room, minimum 24" round pot for dwarf varieties. 36" round pots for large varieties. Look for containers at Home Depot or discount centers like Dollar General. Use heavy garden soil with clay, no mulches. Mulches will float and cloud water. Place your fertilizer one the bottom of the pot. Fill to 1/2 full. Carefully add the lotus tuber with the tips pointing up, about 1-2" of soil over the tips. Leave room for a 1/2" layer of gravel and 2-4" water if the pot is to remain freestanding. I have found that in high temperature areas (TEXAS) that the lotus can overheat, and the pot with the plant should be placed into a pond to keep the roots cooler. Some of the leaves will float like lily leaves, the rest will be above the water. Fertilize like you would a water lily. The tuber and runners will grow around in the pot in a circular fashion usually along the edges. Place in full sun.
Planting Lotus